We are happy to inform everyone that we have Deployed our “CAKF” token.

Here is the contract address of CAKF Token: 0xae6e3b04d3eb991e30fa2474563fe2a89e351cda

Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Initial Supply: 10,000 CAKF Token initially minted to admin wallet to Provide Liquidity.

Emission rate: 50,000 CAKF/day. Compared to Pancakeswap our token emission rate is cut down by around 91% & this will help to make stability in our CAKF Token Price.

Dev Team Allocation Per Block: 0.1215 CAKF/Block will be sent to the developer’s address for further partnership & development of the platform.

Treasury Wallet: 0.086 CAKF/Block which will be used for…

For full details read this article: Click Here

Hello Everyone,

There are few bugs & mistakes on our current FCKE Token & Masterchef Contract. To fix those issues we have to deploy New Contracts as modifications are not possible in the current contracts.

Our Team already fixed all the bugs & deployed the new Contacts on the TestNet. Currently, we are testing the new contracts.

We will Launch a New Token - “CAKF”

We are requesting everyone to check our new TestNet Contracts, if you can find any bugs or security issues then you can inform us in our Telegram Group — https://t.me/PancakeFork

**Please share your feedback about…

PancakeFork Finance is The most popular AMM on BSC. PancakeFork Finance offers an Automated Market-Making service, Yield Farming, and Staking platform on Binance Smart Chain which is forked from PancakeSwap & this is a more Secure & Advanced Version of PancakeSwap. The Decentralized Exchange of PancakeFork Finance offers one of the low swap trading fees.PancakeFork Finance Fair Launch

*No Pre-Sale

**No Initial Token allocation to Admin Team. Only 40,000 FCKE Token initially minted to Provide Liquidity.

**Pre Audited Fully Safe & Secure Launch. (Click Here to Check Audit Report)

**Liquidity Locked for 6 Months.

Fully Safe & Secure Pre Audited…


PancakeFork Finance is one of the fastest-growing Yield Farming Decentralized Excnage on the Binance Smart Chain. Website Link: https://app.pancakefork.finance/

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