New Contracts are coming soon after fixing all bugs

Hello Everyone,

There are few bugs & mistakes on our current FCKE Token & Masterchef Contract. To fix those issues we have to deploy New Contracts as modifications are not possible in the current contracts.

Our Team already fixed all the bugs & deployed the new Contacts on the TestNet. Currently, we are testing the new contracts.

We will Launch a New Token - “CAKF”

We are requesting everyone to check our new TestNet Contracts, if you can find any bugs or security issues then you can inform us in our Telegram Group —

**Please share your feedback about our new Contracts within the next 3 days.

1. CAKF Token —

2. CSYRUP Token —

3. Masterchef —

4. Souschef —

5. Factory —
6. Router —

7. Timelock —

What are we planning next?

We will deploy our New Token & all other Contracts within the next few days.

What will happen to FCKE Token Holders?

We will take a snapshot & distribute the same amount of the new “CAKF” Tokens to all existing FCKE Token holders.

When Snapshot will be taken?

We will make another announcement before taking the snapshot, Everyone has to keep “FCKE” Token in their Wallet to get the New “CAKF” Token. Now you have to Unstack/Withdraw all your Funds & Tokens immediately from all Farms & Pools (*Everyone should remove Liquidity as well).

Last Withdrawl Countdown Time: Click Here

When should I do Now?

You have to Unstack & Withdrawl all your tokens & funds from Farms, Pools & Remove Liquidity/LP tokens from the exchange. You may do it now or wait until our next announcement.

Warning: if anyone forgets to Unstake Token from Farms & Pools then you will not get New “CAKF” Token, so be careful. You must keep “FCKE” Tokens in your wallet during the period of Snapshot to get new “CAKF” Token.

We have Removed all Withdraw fees. So, you do not have to pay any fee while unstacking/ Withdrawing your Tokens.

We are requesting everyone to be active on our Telegram Group, Telegram Announcement Channel, Twitter, And Medium. So that you can take immediate action by unstacking all your Tokens as soon as we make the announcement which will confirm the time & date of the Snapshot.

Update(11th July 2021):

Snapshot time confirmed so Withdrawal all your Funds

As we informed earlier we are going to deploy the new Token & all other contracts after fixing all bugs. For full details read this article: Click Here

Finally, everything is ready so we are requesting everyone to Withdrawl all your Funds-
## Withdrawal all your Funds from Farms and Pools.
## Remove all LP Token from Farms and remove Liquidity from the Exchange.
## Withdrawal all FCKE Token from farm and pools then keep FCKE Token in your wallet to get new CAKF Token.

# You must do the above steps within the next few hours, Check Countdown: Click Here

## Warning: If you forget to withdrawal FCKE Token from Farms and pools then you will not get new CAKF Tokens and we are not responsible for that.

# KEEP ONLY FCKE Token in your wallet do not keep FCKE-LP or FSYRUP Token in your wallet.

##Remove liquidity from exchange and withdrawal all your funds

AGAIN- # You must do the above steps within the next few hours, Check Countdown: Click Here

Update(18th July 2021):

We have distributed new CAFK token to all users who were holding FCKE tokens at the time of taking snapshots.

Here is new CAKF Address : 0xae6e3b04d3eb991e30fa2474563fe2a89e351cda

Links —

Telegram Group-

Telegram Announcement-



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